We make each piece of jewelry as ordered - nothing factory made here.  Every item starts as raw sheet metal or wire and is crafted with skill and precision to achieve a unique, finished product.


Inspired by nature, these necklaces are unique handmade from Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass. 


Personalize your favorite message or inspiration on a cuff bracelet.  From thick to thin, a private message on the inside or a bold statement for all to see.

Our Most Popular Products:


From Meditation Rings to Wedding Bands...something for everyone.

Bijou by SAM sells handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature.  Nestled in Northwest Montana, our designs are inspired so many things...the white snow of winter to the changing leaves of fall. We use Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass to convey our story. Each item is handcrafted at the time of order.  This makes each item unique and special.

It brings us great joy to make something with love knowing that others are enjoying the finished product.

Our Product Lines

Handmade Jewelry

Made in Montana
Handcrafted Jewelry 

and custom hand stamped designs

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